Workshop Description


This advanced retreat-style workshop will teach the Art of EMDR, with a special focus on EMDR with complex trauma.  The "Art" of EMDR is expressed in numerous ways: the dance of attunement during bilateral stimulation; knowing when to interweave vs. "staying out of the way"; reading the signs of reprocessing; working with phobia of affect/traumatic material; and knowing what to do when the processing isn't moving along as expected.  This workshop will teach Preparation Phase strategies to prepare for the complexities of treating trauma, and then will help participants expand and integrate their knowledge and skills in applying the "art" of EMDR in the Standard Prtocol through live demonstrations and advanced practica.   The workshop is limited to 18 clinicians who have completed an EMDRIA approved basic EMDR training.

Advanced Learning Topics Include:

  • A framework to understand the application of EMDR to complex trauma within a phase-oriented approach
  • Case Conceptualization & Target Selection
  • Preparation strategies for EMDR with complex cases (e.g., organizing the personality systems; developing coconsciousness; dealing with phobia/avoidance of affect)
  • Negative and Positive Cognition Selection
  • Recognizing Signs of Processing
  • Fine-tuning the Application of Dual Attention Stimulation to Maximize Processing
  • Clinical Containment Issues
  • Knowing when to interweave vs. "stay out of the way"
  • Consolidating Treatment Gains